Get access to our courts

KFUM Stavanger Volleyball offers beachvolleyball courts to all members and paying guests. If you want to become a member and get the right to book and play on the courts, it costs NOK 500/player. Day passes cost NOK 75/player and are paid with VIPPS. All players must rake the courts after use and respect the equipment.

Visitor/guest player (day pass) (NOK 75)

Pay using VIPPS # 103792 (note the payment «day pass» and your phone number)

  • Play on courts that are not booked/reserved
  • Play until a paying member arrives / needs the court (you can then change Cours)

Ordinary member (Jr/Sr) in KFUM Stavanger volleyball (500,- kr.)

  • Member in KFUM Stavanger volleyball
  • Play as much as you like courts that are not booked/reserved
  • Book a court using Skedda (Click her to book a court using Skedda)
  • Compete in tournaments (Jr og Senior)

PS! We offer beach volleyball training sessions for our adult members.
Every Tuesday at 6.30-8pm. Price: NOK 600,- for approx. 15 training sessions. There are 30 places. Follow this link to pay in Spond: Click here to register for training sessions senior (with Kevin)

If you have any questions, contact: Maren Jakobsen Vaigafa.

See more information and updates on our Facebook page here:

Booking and overview of courts: